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Box of Fiddlesticks

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Fiddlesticks light fires fast.  Start roaring fires in fireplaces, wood stoves, firepits, chimneys and campfires.  The amazingly powerful flame heats up flues and chimneys to get your appliance started quick.  Excellent choice for fireplace gets fire started with little odor and ends the worrying over the leaving the gas starter going for hours-just light a couple Fiddlesticks under the woodpile and watch as the flames ignite the bundle and the Fiddlesticks turn to coals that keep the fire burning after the flame is gone.  Fiddlesticks' solid wood Firestarters have a natural look and feel because Fiddlesticks are real wood.  This box contains 90-100 Fiddlesticks and weighs 19-20lb.