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Lump Charcoal Starter

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No more “fiddling” around, get your FIRE started FAST!

• Easy to Light

• Fun to Use!

• Safe to use

• OK for all grills

• Solid Wood

• Made in USA

When it is time to fire up the grill add a couple pieces of Fiddlesticks Lump Charcoal Starter to the charcoal pile and get your fire started fast.  Fiddlesticks real wood firestarters are made from the same dense hardwoods used to make lump charcoal.  Use Fiddlesticks instead of fluid, resin rich pine or pressed sawdust blocks.  Made from solid wood, Fiddlesticks produce a powerful clean burning flame and leave coals behind to ignite the fire quickly.  Safe for all charcoal and wood burning grills and ovens the starters are easy to light-even when wet.  Avoid the Aftertaste of charcoal starters. You will smell and taste the difference with Fiddlesticks Lump charcoal Starters.  The natural look and feel of Fiddlesticks is expected because the thick Firestarters are made from wood.  All content for Fiddlesticks lump charcoal starters is manufactured from pre-consumer hardwood mill products.  The sourcing of materials, the processing of Fiddlesticks, the packaging materials and the assembly of Fiddlesticks Firestarters and Lump Charcoal Starters is all done in the U.S.A.  Fiddlesticks are weather resistant and even light when wet;  these lump charcoal starters are durable and are robust enough for emergency and survival kits, backpacking and camping.  

Fiddlesticks work great in vented Charcoal Chimneys, break off and place a piece of Fiddlesticks in the bottom of Charcoal Chimney, sit chimney on grate and fill up with charcoal then light the Fiddlestick.  Fiddlesticks also work good in a charcoal pile.  Since Fiddlesticks are made from solid wood they can be moved around inside a charcoal pile or in a wood pile with tongs.  Break off and nestle a couple Fiddlesticks inside a pyramid shaped mound of charcoal then light the Fiddlestick.