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Low300 Scout Gear Set Automatic TeraFlex

SKU 2103800
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The TeraFlex Low300 low range gear kit is a true 4.0:1 low-range gear kit. This low-range gear replacement kit combines the Dana 300's case strength and durability and allows the Jeep owner to enhance trail performance by maximizing the low range crawl ratio.

This kit provides rock-crawling performance without affecting high range gears for daily drivers, or the trip to and from the back country. This kit is easy to install. There are no driveshaft changes, or special shift linkages required.

It comes complete as a 5 gear set, and includes all necessary gaskets and seals, and a new shift rail with increased detent pockets (to help twin stick applications shift smoother, and with more accuracy).

  • Low300 Scout Gear Set - Automatic
  • True 4.0:1 low range ratio
  • Maximizes low range crawl ratio
  • Does not affect the high range gears for daily drivers
  • Includes 5-gear set with all necessary gaskets and seals plus a new shift rail
  • Sold As A Kit
  • SKU: 2103800


  • Dana 300 Tranfer Case (From IH Scout)


  • Scout owners with a manual transmission can purchase P/N 2103000 for 1980 Scouts, and P/N 2103800 for Scout automatic transmissions
  • The Low300 kit for Scouts require some internal case grinding