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Revolver Shackle Center Pivot Bolt 1/2x20x4 TeraFlex

$ 3.99
SKU 8500995

The Replacement Revolver Shackle center pivot bolt is 1/2 inch x 20 tpi x 4 inches. This bolt is commonly replaced when rebuilding the Revolver Shackle along with the center pivot nut and center pivot bushing.

  • All Revolver Shackles


  • Revolver Shackle Center Pivot Bolt - 1/2 Inch x 20 TPI x 4 Inches
  • Works With Center Pivot Bushing P/N 8500845
  • Also The Center Pivot Nut P/N 8500996
  • One Center Pivot Bolt Used For Each Revolver Shackle
  • Sold Individually